lørdag, februar 24, 2007

Happy Birthday....

16 December last year was me and my twinsisters 30 birthday!!
We had a lagre party in our hometown Trondheim. It was about 45-50 pepole who was celebrating our big day!
So for everyone who didnt make it, here are some picktures.....

6 kommentarer:

McAWilliams sa...

Oh my god we dont even get that drunk in Ireland these days, I dont think I have ever seen Oyvind look so "blotto" before in all the years have known him, maybe he was tired lol

Anna-panna sa...

Your only 30 once ;-)

Mali Rose sa...

Hei Annamor!
Det må jeg si, dette var en aldeles nydelig flott fest!

Klem Mali

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