lørdag, februar 24, 2007

Happy Birthday....

16 December last year was me and my twinsisters 30 birthday!!
We had a lagre party in our hometown Trondheim. It was about 45-50 pepole who was celebrating our big day!
So for everyone who didnt make it, here are some picktures.....

tirsdag, februar 20, 2007


What did you do last weekend??

I had a great weekend!
Friday at lunchtime I was chatting whith my good friend
Ida live in Trondheim, I`ts about 520 km distance between Oslo and Trondheim.
We where takling about how nice it had beed with some coffee together.
But since we live so far apart I was making coffee just for my self....
When the time coffee was in the pot, Ida has booked a flight to Oslo!
So 4 hours later she was banging on my door! It was time to make a new pot of coffee :-)
Fridaynight we where going out in Grünerløkka(old workingclass part of Oslo) in a place called KAOS! It was very funny, we bouth had to show ID.... I`m 30 and Ida is 26... *haha* A good start on the evening!
Later we get free beer and shots from different kind of peopole!
Saturday it was movie and homemade pizza.
On sunday I play floorballmatch. I play in Vålerenga, you may heard about the footballteam (they suck bye the way...)We are in 3`divisjon. We where going to meet Romsås(our worst enemy). Earlyer this season we lost 7-2 GRRRR. So we where ready for revenge!!!
And we kicked there ass!! 5-3!!

So how was your weekend??

torsdag, februar 15, 2007

Valentines day!

Happy Valentines day (yesterday anyway...)
Last night we went out for dinner at our favorite italian restaurant in Oslo - San Lorenzo, if you are in Oslo this is a good choice!!
But, back to Valentines day, that I think is made only to make money on lovesick boys and girls..
I like to go out to dinner with good wine and food, valentines or not. But in the restaurant there were lots of desperate couples who tried to have a romantic date. Instead of enjoying the wine and pasta they where arguing over nothing. It looked like we were the only happy couple in this restaurant!

So if you are in love, don`t wait for valentines day to have a romantic date. It could be to late....


lørdag, februar 03, 2007

In english please....

A friend of mine in Ireland want me to write in english....
He promised me he would link my blog on his website.
So John now I write in english, I`m waiting....
Johns website