tirsdag, februar 20, 2007


What did you do last weekend??

I had a great weekend!
Friday at lunchtime I was chatting whith my good friend
Ida live in Trondheim, I`ts about 520 km distance between Oslo and Trondheim.
We where takling about how nice it had beed with some coffee together.
But since we live so far apart I was making coffee just for my self....
When the time coffee was in the pot, Ida has booked a flight to Oslo!
So 4 hours later she was banging on my door! It was time to make a new pot of coffee :-)
Fridaynight we where going out in Grünerløkka(old workingclass part of Oslo) in a place called KAOS! It was very funny, we bouth had to show ID.... I`m 30 and Ida is 26... *haha* A good start on the evening!
Later we get free beer and shots from different kind of peopole!
Saturday it was movie and homemade pizza.
On sunday I play floorballmatch. I play in Vålerenga, you may heard about the footballteam (they suck bye the way...)We are in 3`divisjon. We where going to meet Romsås(our worst enemy). Earlyer this season we lost 7-2 GRRRR. So we where ready for revenge!!!
And we kicked there ass!! 5-3!!

So how was your weekend??

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Well my weekend was mainly spent babysitting on saturday then hitting refresh on the blog awards site waiting for shortlists. Yes I am a geeky nerd.

idapida sa...

mine was pretty much the same as yours I'd say... ;)